Amazon Announces Voucher-based K-12 School to be Integrated Into Warehouse Operations

Children need to become familiar and comfortable working in a 24-hour warehouse environment.
Children need to become familiar and comfortable working in a 24-hour warehouse environment.

Seattle, WA — In a move to appease the Trump administration’s voucher education system, Jeff Bezos announced a plan to integrate K-12 schooling into warehouse operations.

“It will be essential for the next generation of working Americans to be comfortable in a fast paced productive environment.” He also hinted about the possibility of 4-ten hour shifts for the students, an option embraced by late working parents and future employers.

The integration plan includes an Amazon Fire tablet for all students and daily labor education training. This would include learning vital skills such as order retrieval, inventory counting, and hand packaging. Students would also become accustomed to working alongside many of Amazon’s 45,000 robots. As robots continue to become common in the workplace this is a needed requirement for education.

In an effort to ease international trade tensions there would be a foreign exchange student program with Foxconn Technology Group. This would allow deserving students to spend time in the manufacturing environment abroad in locations such as Shenzhen, China where the iPhone is assembled. Young Foxconn workers would in turn be afforded the opportunity to spend time at an Amazon warehouse.

Trump’s plan is to take the twenty billion dollars in education funding and give it to states as block grants and in turn the states could then provide vouchers to students. This would allow parents to place their children in the school of their choice even if that school was private or religious. This move by Amazon is in direct support of the newly proposed voucher education system.

Some analysts believe this is Jeff Bezos’ way of saying he’s sorry for offering to send Trump into Space. It is believed that Bezos was fearing a loss of several tax exempt statuses and it appeared that Trump was gaining the upper hand. Perhaps a new partnership between these world giants is in the works.

Larry Ryder
Larry Ryder
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