Sotheby’s To Auction Off Original Prototype of MyPillow

Sotheby’s stuns with a once-in-a-lifetime auction, offering the original MyPillow prototype—purportedly stuffed with the essence of the American dream—set to redefine luxury sleep and history, one overpriced, patriotically infused bid at a time.

Nostradamus Predicted Elon Musk’s Rise, Lost Quatrain Reveals

A long-lost Nostradamus quatrain has surfaced, appearing to predict the rise of visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk, the force behind Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity. The quatrain, part of the previously undiscovered Centurie XII, Quatrain 87, references Musk's privileged upbringing, his father's emerald mine, and his groundbreaking ventures. As scholars race to verify its authenticity, this enigmatic prophecy has rekindled interest in the 16th-century seer and his cryptic foresight.

County Enjoys 4th Straight Day Without a Car Accident

The greater Nevada County area just enjoyed its 4th consecutive day without a single car accident. The stretch of Hwy 49 between Auburn, through Grass Valley, and into Nevada City is a complete mess of treacherous roadway and stupid drivers.

Conspiracy Researcher: Missoula, Montana Doesn’t Exist

North San Juan resident, part-time chemtrail researcher, and amateur ionizing radiation hobbyist Skyy Wolford announced to a somewhat disinterested crowd out in front of the Sierra Super Stop that Missoula, Montana is an elaborate hoax and does not exist.

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