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New York, NY — The much-anticipated sequel to the 2000 black comedy film American Psycho will be released to United Stated audiences sometime after January 20th. American Psycho II: Brothers in Arms features three new characters from the New York business scene who take the country by storm with impossible-to-achieve populist rhetoric and transform into a boorish, crude cesspool. They manage to convince large swaths of the country to murder fellow citizens and incite regional nuclear wars around the world.

American Psycho II is the first in the film series not to be based on the novels of Bret Easton Ellis. However, according to Sources close to distributor Lionsgate films, Mr. Easton has provided guidance to the writing staff. The chief protagonist in the new series is real estate magnate William Ulster and his two playboy sons Uday and Qusay, a not so subtle nod to the evil offspring of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, who grow tired of their prizes in the real estate industry and seek the nation’s highest office. After a protracted and bitter battle, filled with tremendous and inflammatory rhetoric, the senior Ulster is elected President of the United States.

In the following months after taking office, Mr. Ulster’s take-no-prisoners style, coupled with his unpolished and direct approach to issues, led to a nuclear war between Pakistan and India. Fearing spies in the United States, Mr. Ulster directs his two sons to capture and deport “anyone who looks” Indian. Other leaked details of the film include massive shortages at retailers such as Walmart following a protracted trade war with several Eastern countries such as China, Japan, and Korea.

American Psycho II will feature new recordings by Phil Collins and Huey Lewis and the News and a cameo by Christian Bale.