Inside Elon Musk’s Bid to Buy the Roman Colosseum and Move it to Texas

Elon Musk's audacious plan to relocate the Roman Colosseum to Austin, Texas, transforming it into a modern sports arena with fast food chains, creating a unique fusion of ancient history and American consumer culture.

Biden and Trump Agree to Debate at Fort Wayne Sizzler

In an unprecedented political move, Joe Biden and Donald Trump will hold their next debate at Fort Wayne's Sizzler, amidst the nostalgic décor of the 1970s. As Biden articulates his points, Trump, embodying the informal setting, casually reaches for a snack from the iconic salad bar—a visual metaphor for the unexpected and unconventional nature of this political showdown.

Joe Biden Dons New ‘Fro Look’ to Court African American Voters

In a bewildering bid to win African American votes, President Joe Biden sported an afro at a rally in Atlanta, sparking mixed reactions and a social media frenzy over his outlandish new look.

Economic Boomerang: Biden Throws Credit to Trump, Hits Obama, and Lands on Eisenhower

In a surreal twist of presidential one-upmanship, Biden credits Trump for economic highs, Trump tips his hat to Obama, and Obama sends a nod back to Eisenhower, turning the White House into a time-traveling hall of economic mirrors.

McCarthy’s Career Vibrates to a Halt Amidst Bakersfield Buzz

Bakersfield, CA resident Jasper Caldwell uncovered a massive collection of antique vibrators in a forgotten storage unit, previously owned by Kevin McCarthy. Photos found amidst the collection have tied the former Speaker to the scandalous discovery, sending shockwaves through the community.

Kansas Criminal’s Bid to Dodge the Law with Presidential Run

Meet Rusty Fields, Kansas' most notorious criminal who's now eyeing the presidency. His brazen campaign is rewriting the rules, sparking outrage, amusement, and a national debate on justice and politics. A must-read for those fascinated by the absurdities of modern politics.

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