Ed Force One Cited for Unauthorized Chemtrail Emissions

Washington D.C. British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden are being investigated for illegal chemtrail spraying using their customized touring aircraft, the ex-Air France 747-400 jumbo jet known as Ed Force One.

Reports of suspicious contrails left by Ed Force One first surfaced in early April of 2016 during the band’s initial run of U.S. dates supporting their sixteenth studio album, The Book of Souls.

Confirmed chemtrail sightings in Illinois, Colorado, and California led investigators to discover high barium and alumina concentrations in several lakes and rivers along the band’s scheduled flight path through the United States.

An investigative team led by ex-Boeing engineer Jonathan Myers and a former senior U.S. counterterrorism official began privately investigating the matter in August last year.

Mr. Myers wants to be clear that he does not suspect any Iron Maiden member or its management of being behind the alleged spraying of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. “We believe the band did not know about this operation,” Myers said, “this was a covert operation set in motion by a private company with known ties to Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation.”

Iron Maiden’s singer, Bruce Dickinson, also piloted Ed Force One, named after the band’s mascot, Eddie.

Myers believes the 747 was retrofitted for chemtrail spraying when it was down for repairs after suffering a ground accident last year in Santiago, Chile.

On March 12, 2024, Ed Force One sustained substantial damage while being towed for refueling. The extent of the damage required replacing both port-side engines at the cost of $4 million apiece. Technicians were flown in from Iceland and Saudi Arabia, and multiple crews worked around the clock to repair the injured jumbo jet. Ten days later, Ed Force One was back in service.

One of those companies hired for repairs, GeoSoar Inc., stood out to Myers and his investigator’s team. “Air Atlanta did not hire them [GeoSoar Inc.], the company Iron Maiden leases the aircraft from, but rather through a private citizen with known ties to the Gates Foundation,” Myers said.

The former Microsoft CEO has spent untold millions of dollars in research into geoengineering programs, leading many to believe the billionaire philanthropist is secretly funding deep state depopulation missions held over from the Trump Administration.

Iron Maiden is currently back in the States, wrapping up its massive Book of Souls Tour. By the end of the tour, the band will have performed 117 shows in 36 countries.

Iron Maiden’s manager, Rod Smallwood, declined all requests for comment as of press time.

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