David Copperfield Denies Making the Del Oro Tower Disappear

According to witnesses, Grass Valley, CA — During a brief visit to Grass Valley, famed magician and illusionist David Copperfield made the iconic Del Oro Theater tower disappear in front of a small crowd in front of Gary’s Place, a popular local bar. According to his publicist, Mr. Copperfield was in town to entertain Eskaton Village residents, where his elderly Aunt Daney resides. Mr. Copperfield denies that he visited downtown Grass Valley, let alone that he damaged private property.

“So I was making my way down the street when everyone started running towards Neal Street,” said area handyman Hank Snow who had just left Lazy Dog Ice cream clutching a bag of chocolate-covered bacon. “So I walked down there, and it was David Copperfield. You know, that magician fella. He was waving his hands over his head. I honestly couldn’t figure out what he was carrying on about until this one lady started screaming. Everyone was pointing up at the Del Oro.”

Seconds before the tower disappeared, several spectators reported feeling a quick whoosh of air. And a couple of people said there was a brief flash of light as well.

“I had just come out of Safeway, and there was a huge commotion up the street,” said Cedar Ridge resident and self-proclaimed ‘professional shopper’ Janet Williams. “The first thing I thought was those jerks are going to block my way out of the parking lot. But then there was this lightning strike or something, and then the theater tower wasn’t there anymore. Dogs started barking, and there was this homeless guy screaming something about aliens or something. I just got in my car and went home.”

Following what many thoughts were a stunt, the crowd expected the tower to re-appear. But when it immediately didn’t, they became restless.

“That Copperfield guy just waved at everyone and hopped into a fancy car over at the Wells Fargo,” continued Mr. Snow, who was now chewing loudly on his chocolate bacon. “He just got in and drove away, and everyone was wondering where the tower went.”

Copperfield Denies

His publicist denied that Mr. Copperfield made the tower vanish, saying that he would defy physics laws.

“Look, how do you know there was a tower there, to begin with?” Questioned his incredulous spokesperson Bethany Millbright. “Sometimes, when you get enough people believing something, they assume it’s true. There is plenty of research that recognizes these types of false memories. Sometimes it’s due to trauma, and you’re just told over and over to believe something that’s not true, so you start to believe it. And besides, Mr. Copperfield was spending the day with his ill Aunt Daney entertaining the elderly residents over at Eskaton [Village]. He doesn’t have time for this nonsense.”

North San Juan’s alternative researcher Skyy Wolford says it is a collision of alternative realities.

“It’s a glitch, probably,” said a mood-elevated Mr. Wolford speaking from an undisclosed location on Tyler Foote Road. “It’s called the Mandela effect. Different realities sometimes collide. In another dimension, there probably is no tower in the theater. That reality just collided with ours today, and David Copperfield had nothing to do with it. He just got lucky. Or maybe he knows something we don’t.”

The Mandela Effect is the pseudo-scientific belief that some differences between one’s memories and the real world are caused by changes to past events in the timeline. Many Mandela Effect believers think it is caused by accidental travel between alternate universes. However, some others propose that history has been deliberately altered after the fact by malicious extra-dimensional beings within the same timeline or by experiments at CERN.

But locals know what they witnessed.

“I just saw the crowd. I didn’t see David Copperfield,” continued Ms. Williams, “That tower just went poof and disappeared. And it’s not there anymore. I mean, what other evidence do you need? Just because someone tells you over and over it ain’t so, doesn’t mean they’re telling the truth.”

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