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Las Vegas, NV — Lines were queuing around the block for Gordan Ramsay’s latest controversial food venture just off the Las Vegas strip. Chef Ramsay first came up with the idea for the Fuck Off Kitchen while filming his famous competition show Hell’s Kitchen.

“I’m Gordon Ramsay. For fuck’s sake, people know I’m volatile,” exclaimed the Michelin Starred chef speaking of his restaurant. “So I wanted to open a fry shop and bistro that captures that spirit. That’s why we’re so incredibly proud of the Fuck Off Bistro. And as you can see from the lines, it’s a huge hit with the customers.”

Customers wait as long as 2 hours to get into the 120-seat Bistro, which serves comfort classics with a distinctive Gordon Ramsay twist.

“I have to admit I was a little taken back about some of the dish names,” said Sharon Bennet visiting from Des Moines, Iowa, who waited over 2 hours to be seated. “But I’m such a huge Gordan Ramsay fan. So it was worth the wait.”

The casual Bistro is a bit of a departure from the fine-dining legend. Most dishes are under $20.00, with many under $10.00. Customers can treat themselves to Piss Off Chinese Pork Buns, Gloopy Fucking Gloop Corn Chowder, Stupid Donkey Burger, something called Bits of Shit, and the item everyone seems to be in line for, the Idiot Sandwich.

The Fuck Off Kitchen has garnered rave reviews on yelp and a 5-star accolade from the Las Vegas Sun Newspaper, who called his new Bistro “stunning and insulting, and full of flavors you wouldn’t expect.”