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Redding, CA — In what anti-chemtrail activists are calling a disturbing and terrifying development, sky observers from the Redding, CA-based Chemtrail Action Network, or CAN say they have evidence that the government and its corporate sponsors have created nearly invisible chemtrails. According to a spokesperson for CAN, this has escalated the battle for our skies into new dimensions.

“It’s clear that the government and their corporate-stooge-cronies have been caught with their pants down,” said CAN spokeswoman Bethany Millbright speaking outside of the organization’s headquarters in Redding, CA. “It’s obvious that groups like CAN have put the fear of God into these people with our activism. Our endless campaigns, billboards, and Internet outreach have made a difference in cutting their geoengineering efforts. Unfortunately, now that they can make chemtrails nearly invisible, this presents a clear and present danger for people who want to take back out skies.”

According to a memorandum published by CAN today, the government has been working with former Microsoft Chief Technology Officer Nathan Myhrvold and his new company Intellectual Ventures to produce invisible chemtrail contrails. The idea behind this innovation was to both reduce public fear and hysteria and, more obviously, according to CAN, to hide chemtrail operations from activists and protesters.

“They can’t hide them completely yet,” continued Ms. Millbright pointing to the near clear skies over Redding, CA. “If you look up carefully, you can still see spraying operations in the sky. They haven’t been able to conceal them completely.” At this point, Ms. Millbright produced a 10′ x 4′ poster board featuring what appeared to be a clear, bright blue sky with arrows pointing to what she claimed were the invisible chemtrails.

“See, here and here. They’re faint, but they’re there. This is a terrifying development, but it’s not something CAN is going to take sitting down. We plan on fighting this with an aggressive marketing campaign that will include new billboards, a new website, and possibly legal action against Mr. Myhrvold. To that last option, we are accepting contributions towards our legal fund. Please help us.”

Protests are being planned in three California locations, Redding, Nevada City, and Arcata, and in Reno, Nevada, where CAN have a sizable, grassroots organization with several billboard installations. If you are interested in donating to CAN’s legal fight, it can be done on their website located here.