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San Francisco, CA — A coalition of left and left-leaning organizations called Civics is Freedom is pushing for increased education to undermine President Trump’s ability to govern. The groups, partly funded by several teaching organizations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Hartz pet products, seek to enhance critical thinking skills in the nation’s K-college, aged students.

“As James Madison noted, an informed electorate is a key ingredient in a successful Republic,” said California Teacher Association spokesperson Bethany Millbright speaking to a crowd of supporters who have no idea who James Madison was. “We see solid liberal art and civics education as the main ingredient in reversing the tide of ignorance in this country.”

Several conservative leaders complained that there was what they referred to as “the liberal indoctrination of our children” by “leftist teachers.”

Texas as a Conservative Alternative

“This is a clear maneuver to teach our children critical thinking,” said Texas 1st District Republican and Congressional Freedom Caucus member Louie Gohmert. “This is simply a ploy to alienate children from their parents, get them to challenge authority, and allow abortion clinics in our schools. Above all, they will harass our President, who just trying to make America great again.”

When asked why he would be against further civics education, Rep. Gohmert grew visibly irritated.

“Well, that’s just your education talking,” continued Gohmert. “That’s how the press operates. You make things up with fake news. God runs this country, not all this fancy liberal critical thinking. God grants us everything.”

In a memo released by the Civics is Freedom, calls for increased spending in government education, particularly in secondary education.

“We will be pushing for a government curriculum that features the Federalist Letters and the Constitution. These documents seem to confuse the President of the United States,” the memo stated. “The curriculum will stress separation of powers in co-equal branches of government; how the government works in tandem among these branches and not by a king president.”

Conservatives React

Civics is Freedom expects a fierce battle as outside conservative groups are mounting several campaigns to combat their efforts. One such group, Conservatives for Religious Freedom, has started advertising several “pro-God” campaigns. In key battleground states, the groups say children will be subjected to “free abortions without parental consent” at their elementary schools. Among other things.

“Look, how can we have a free Republic without its citizens obeying authority?” Questioned Florida Conservatives for Religious Freedom spokesperson Virginia Thompson. “If we teach our children to think for themselves, we’ll be well on our way to socialism. First, it’s socialist unemployment insurance and next thing we’re Venezuela. We don’t need more thinking; we need more God.”

Civics for Freedom hopes to raise their agenda in the  Democrat-controlled Congress.