Nevada City Experimenting with Polio in City’s Drinking Water

Nevada City, CA — The small, former Gold Rush town of Nevada City has had it with the State’s attempts to force vaccination on them. To that end, the City has introduced an ordinance which aims to provide “natural immunity” its 3000+ residents.

A small but extremely vocal minority in Nevada City has expressed concern about the safety of vaccines and their ingredients. This same loud and irrational crowd has begun to promote something called ‘natural immunity’ over vaccine-induced immunity. However, the only way to get natural immunity is through infection with the actual disease. Experts say this is both incredibly risky and stupid.

“There are people in Flint, Michigan who can not drink their water,” said California Director of Civil Engineering Dart Collinsworth. “And then you’ve got people in Nevada City actively poisoning it. I’ve seen it all now.”

Enter the City Council, who late last week passed the “Natural Immunity and Human Sovereignty Act”. The ordinance aims to inject several disease pathogens directly into the city’s water system. The act provides “a simple and natural defense strategy against common and harmless diseases.” The list includes measles, mumps, whooping cough and of course, polio.  Polio is the first virus released into the treated water.

According to a memo provided by the city council, polio was chosen because many residents already have the polio vaccination. This first ‘dose’ will be merely a booster, according to the authors of the plan, choosing not to be identified.

The Plan

This first phase of the plan, called Phase 1, will dump several tons of live poliovirus into the city’s water supply. Concentrations should reach over 240ppm (parts per million). Phase 2 calls for the city to add the measles virus into the water. In Phase 3, the city will add the Zika virus, for which there is no treatment or cure.

The raw viruses will be sources largely from rural and poor areas in Southeast Asia where many of the viruses are still active.

The city has also set up a page to help offset the $40 million dollar price tag. So far Charlie Sheen and Rob Schneider, two of the most prominent anti-vaccination celebrities have contributed over $42,000 to the cause. The city was also featured on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ show this past week. The appearance drew hundreds of calls to City Hall in support of the new ordinance.

Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
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