Alex Jones Shocker: Gay Lover Speaks Out [VIDEO]

megan ann via Flickr.
megan ann via Flickr.

Austin, TX — An Austin, Texas man has come forward to claim that he’s been involved in an intimate relationship with conspiracy radio and television personality Alex Jones. The lover, who only goes by the name of Blaine, said he wanted to come clean and that he couldn’t take Mr. Jones’ disingenuous Libertarian stance on homosexuality.

“I’ve been with Alex off and on for over a decade now,” said Blaine in a The Fazzler telephone interview from his Austin, Texas home. “I’m not going to go into any details, but that old adage about the loudest anti-gay people being in the closet is true. His fake ‘being a Libertarian-I-don’t-care-what-people-do’ thing is really hypocritical, and I couldn’t take it anymore. Because he’s well, you know. You know what I mean.”

Alex Jones is on record as being a Libertarian who believes that people “have the right to do what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt others,” in an 2013 interview. However he pivots and equivocates by saying that the gay agenda is part of a eugenicist/globalist program to “break down the family, because the family is where people hold their allegiance.” And they want to replace God with “the State.” He is also on record as saying they are pedophiles.

Loretta Splitair
Loretta Splitair
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