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Walnut Creek, CA — The popular YouTube character “The Annoying Orange” has been found dead in a Walnut Creek, California Whole Foods grocery store. The Annoying Orange was found suffocated and peeled in a single-serving container by Brook Clark of Tustin, CA, who was visiting her sister in Lafayette, CA.

“I just ran into Whole Foods to get some Kale and some Vegan Nail Polish for my sister,” said a distraught Ms. Clark outside the Walnut Creek Whole Foods. “And I was passing the peeled fruit section when I saw him all peeled and dead. This is something I’ll never be able to unsee.”

The Annoying Orange became an Internet sensation when he first came on the scene in 2009. The YouTube star had over 5 million followers and was adored by children, tweens, teenagers, and adults with the IQ of a tween. Shows were often filled with bad puns and the pending murders of his sidekick fruits and vegetables. The Annoying Orange had a notable hatred of apples.

According to Whole Foods, they had no idea that the Annoying Orange was a part of their stocks, let alone dead and presumably murdered by one of their distributors. A spokesperson for the giant alternative grocery store said they had launched an internal investigation into the matter.