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Grass Valley, CA — Area Rhode Island St. resident Melba Felder posted a picture of her swollen foot on the popular Nevada County Peeps Facebook group asking for opinions on what she should do about it. According to the Facebook post, Ms. Felder, who had fallen off a ladder of the weekend, didn’t know what to do about the excruciating pain she was in.

“I fell off the ladder trying to get my cat off the roof,” said Ms. Felder in a The Fazzler telephone interview. “As I grabbed my cat, the ladder flew backward. I lost a hold of my cat, and she when flying across the yard and into a passing ice cream truck window.”

According to children at the scene, who screamed and ran away as the flying cat entered the Perseppi’s Treats ice cream truck, it was chaos.

“I was like, ‘O.M.G.,'” said an enthusiastic 12-year-old Cyndie Krogman of Rhode Island St. “That guy was like going to hand me my missile when this huge cat flew into the truck. He was like screaming because it landed on his face and started clawing at him. ISo me and my brother just ran away. We could hear the guy screaming down the street.”

The struggle inside the truck went on for a few minutes as the operator tried to remove the terrified cat that gripped his face. As for Ms. Felder, after she fell off the ladder, she limped over to the ice cream truck and retrieved her cat.

“That guy was messed up,” continued Ms. Felder. “I told him I was sorry, and he didn’t say anything. He just drove off real fast with his jingle music playing.”

After returning to her house with her cat, Ms. Felder took a nap. After she awoke, she found that her foot had swollen to 10 times its normal size. Not knowing what to do, she immediately asked Facebook.

“I didn’t know what to do,” said Ms. Felder, “so I posted on Facebook. I got all kinds of answers, some of them very mean. A few people called me an idiot and said something about a doctor. A few others were more helpful, though. One woman told me to wrap it in a cloth soaked in a coconut-cannabis oil mixture. It didn’t help with the swelling, but it certainly didn’t hurt anymore. Nothing hurt.”

According to the administrator of the Facebook group, Ms. Felder’s post was removed.