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Penn Valley, CA — Area woman Danni Schlozmeyer attempted Friday to save the Bridgeport covered bridge by attempting to get it to accept Jesus Christ as its personal Lord and Savior.

The Bridgeport Covered Bridge has the longest clear span of any surviving covered bridge in the world. It is located in Bridgeport, Nevada County, California, southwest of French Corral and north of Lake Wildwood. The bridge was designed by David Ingefield Wood, and built in 1862. In June 2014, California Governor Jerry Brown signed budget legislation that included $1.3 million dollars for the bridge’s restoration after a great deal of community activism. Restoration may not begin until 2020.

“I figure I have 4 years to get the Good News to the bridge,” Ms. Schlozmeyer said from her Grass Valley home. “I know Governor Brown authorized funding for its reconstruction, but what about its eternal life? What about the prosperity in this life with the joy and comfort of Jesus Christ.”

The Schlozmeyers run a successful multi-level marketing business and a Christian ministry out of their Grass Valley Home. Their line of nutritional shakes and exercise equipment is a part of the “home success”/extreme health market.


“The P45-L workout program has been replaced by the P45-XL2 90-day challenge program,” said Bob Schlozmeyer. “Combined with our popular BerryWell and ProteinPounder shakes, and Danni’s spiritual work, the Bridge should be saved in 90 days or less in most circumstances. Well before the 2019 project start date.”

It is unclear if Ms. Schlozmeyer’s efforts will have any impact on saving the Bridge. Initial efforts drew some confused responses at Bridgeport.

“I don’t know what’s going on here,” said Shelly Wagner of Grass Valley visiting the park with her two kids. “This lady is over there putting her hands on the bridge and talking about God and all,” continued a chuckling Ms. Wagner. “Now I’ve seen it all.”

“We don’t normally allow people over by the bridge,” said park volunteer Mary Shilling, “but she said she wouldn’t walk across it and that she just wanted to touch it. Whatever.”

Please check back for updates on the Bridge’s spiritual progress.

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