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Atlanta, GA — 34-year-old Atlanta resident Hadron P. Ennis got more than he ordered after a recent trip through the Peachtree Road Chick-fil-A drive-thru over the weekend. Earlier in the day, during 3-hour trek to Home Depot, the husband of five received a phone call from his wife Daisy.

“She was asking me where I was,” said Mr. Ennis. “I told her that it’s easy to get lost in the Home Depot, but she wasn’t buying any of it. She was burning thunder wood, that Daisy. So I tried to make it up to her.”

Daisy asked Hadron to bring home some chicken sandwiches for the family, something Mr. Ennis always looked forward to as a man of God.

“I tell ya, I love me some waffle fries. And they love Jesus. Besides, they know me because I’m there three times a week. So when I get to the window, I make a point to say, ‘no, it’s my pleasure.’ They always get a kick out that. And they are kind enough to put my secret chicken sandwich in a separate bag for me.”

As usual, Mr. Ennis ordered an extra spicy chicken sandwich “for the road,” which he calls his secret stash. This was a ritual he often performed, and his local Chick-fil-A was happy to enable.

As he made the three-mile journey home in his Ford Explorer, Mr. Ennis attempted to scarf-down his clandestine sandwich on account that his wife “gets on his case about his blood pressure and diabetes.” It was then as he reached the bag, pulled out his private pleasure, and unwrapped it that he was in for the surprise of his life.

“I screamed ‘Lord have mercy,'” exclaimed Mr. Ennis recalling his reaction. “It was none other than our Lord Jesus Christ. In my sandwich. It was a miracle.”

Lucky He Didn’t Kill Anyone

Of course, rather than eating behind the wheel and marveling at the image of Jesus Christ embedded into his spicy chicken sandwich, Mr. Ennie should have been looking at the road.

“Well, I tried to explain to the officer that I had found Jesus. And he wasn’t buying any of that. I even showed him, and he told me something like, ‘I’ve heard lots of excuses, but this one tops them all.’ He said in his report that I attempted to bribe him with a chicken sandwich.”

As Mr. Ennis crossed Piedmont Road, he failed to heed the red traffic signal and entered into the intersection still marveling at what is now being called the miracle of Buckhead. Fortunately, he missed hitting several cars, but he didn’t miss the eye of state trooper Oscar Beecher who cited him for running a red light but didn’t arrest him for attempting to bribe an officer of the law.

Mr. Ennis did not eat the chicken sandwich. However, he says he plans on selling it on eBay to help pay off the traffic fines.

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