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Los Angeles, CA — Avatar fans were disappointed by unwelcome news this week as Fox Studios announced plans to delay the release of Avatar 3, the much-anticipated sequel to Fox’s reboot of the classic Disney movie Pocahontas. Avatar was released 14 years after the original film Pocahontas and received distinction by grossing over $2 billion in theaters in 2009 and is widely considered the visually-superior execution of the story. The same is said about Avatar 2, released in 2022.

Creator James Cameron has consistently declined to comment on speculation over which Disney movie he planned to write as the sequel, though rumors as early as 2010 named The Lion King the most likely plot source. Fans have since weighed in repeatedly via social media on who they believe should be cast as the main characters, arguing, often heatedly, over whether Avatar star Sam Worthington’s character Jake Sully could be adapted to the role of Simba without destroying the continuity of The Lion King.

More recent rumors have leaked about disagreements between head writers, with some backing the adaptation of The Jungle Book as a more seamless transition between Pocahontas and Tarzan.

“This just makes more sense on so many levels,” writes super-fan Kevin Thomas of Grass Valley, CA, “Having to rewrite character names, multiple minor plot points, AND change the general setting at the same time is asking too much. We’d barely recognize the original story.”

Cameron refused to confirm or deny any rumors, releasing a statement describing “the Herculean effort” of producing a sequel worthy of his fans.

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