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Austin, TX — An area man is in critical but stable condition after he was gunned down at an Austin-area Best Buy while carrying a new TV to his car. Damon Allen Jeffers, 36, of Cedar Park, had just finished loading in 60 inch Samsung TV in his vehicle when he was shot by Kent Curd, 44, a member of the Pampa, TX-based Rangermen Militia. Mr. Curd was “stationed” by his commander at the Gateway Best Buy to watch for looters when he shot and injured Mr. Jeffers.

He was minding his own business,” said Best Buy shopper Angel Gregs, who witnessed the event. “That poor man was carrying that huge TV out to his car when this redneck with a gun started yelling at him to put it down. When he didn’t, the other guy yelled at him again and then just started shooting.”

At first, according to several witnesses, Curd missed Mr. Jeffers several times.

“It’s like he’s never shot a weapon before,” said Steven Beets, who was eating at the Chick-fil-A across the street. “Then everyone tackled that militia guy and started kicking his ass. I don’t even know why he was there. The idiot.”

Although Mr. Jeffers was critically injured, doctors say they expect him to recover. As for Curd, he was booked into the Travis County Correction Facility with no bond. The Austin city prosecutor requested assistance from the Federal Government, but so far, no calls have been returned.