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Santa Barbara, CA — The Fox News Facebook Channel is reporting that actor Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady on the popular 1970s television show The Brady Bunch, was shot and injured by Santa Barbara police after a high-speed chase.

Mr. Williams fled the scene of his suburban ranch, where a search warrant was being served. He was under suspicion for a series of gruesome murders which the County Sheriff was investigating. Mr. Williams, 61, is thought to be connected to the crimes, but it is unclear at the time to what degree.

The Santa Barbara later said that Mr. Williams was not involved in said murders, but are confused why he decided to flee in his car.

According to the police report, he fled the scene in a 1978 Ford Granada, and upon crashing his car, he fled on foot opening fire on police. Mr. Williams ran through a nearby field, temporarily gaining the advantage in his escape. However, a police helicopter spotted him hiding behind a large oak tree clutching a baseball glove. It’s unclear why the child star had a baseball glove in his possession.

The police officers in pursuit opened fire, unloading over 420 rounds into the oak tree, all but one missing Mr. Williams. A stray bullet stuck him in the left foot, at which point police took him into custody. No word from the police why they opened fire on a man only armed with a baseball glove.