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Loomis, CA — The Fazzler has learned that the purported Caltrans  I-80 Vertical Clearance Project has nefarious goals. According to insiders, the project will accommodate large-scale “re-living modification” transportation vehicles that will move Central Valley and Sierra Foothills citizens to the Stillwater, Nevada FEMA “safety” camp.

The project is not, as previously reported, being carried out to raise eight overpasses between Sacramento and Truckee, CA, to a Federally mandated 16 feet, 6 inches for “permit vehicles.”

According to Caltrans, the project started in August 2015 is a joint operation between Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Township of Loomis, Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA), Monsanto, The Koch Brothers, and Sysco Food distributors.

According to the project’s website, this “raising” will “provide uninterrupted travel for vehicles with extra-legal loads and avoid detouring such vehicles to alternative route that is approximately 300 miles long.” [Italics added for emphasis]

“Everyone knows Loomis is in on this,” said an agitated Thomas Kevlin of North San Juan, CA. “It’s going to be the command center for all of this. The fallback place. The ‘limit of contraction’ as they say in military speak. Look it up. When the internment day happens, you won’t find me here. Wolverines!”

Smart Americans Prepare

Some Americans believe these camps have been built across the United States by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in preparation for a future declaration of martial law, some catastrophic natural event, or alien invasion. The Interstate 80 Vertical Clearance Project can accommodate higher “stacked” personnel carriers designed to move as many as 190 people per vehicle. In contrast, the current height can only drive 92 people per container carrier.

“Look how easily they imprisoned Japanese Americans in World War II,” continued a somewhat frantic Mr. Kevlin. “No due process. Nothing. So it’s coming. I know there are some will say ‘the lucky ones get to go to the camps to live,’ but for me, I’ll take my chances off the land with pine nuts and creek water. Thanks.”

The project is due to be completed in November 2024 after the planned Yellowstone event, which insiders say will allow the “transportations” to begin en-masse in December.