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Los Angeles, CA — Danny Trejo, best known for his work in the films Machete and From Dusk Till Dawn, was killed on set while filming Kid Cop on the Warner Bros. studio lot. In the film, Trejo played a cop charged with protecting a child from gangsters.

Trejo was killed by 10-year-old child actor Julio Aguilar when the two were playing with Nerf guns. A projectile from Aguilar’s Nerf gun went into Trejo’s throat, where it lodged itself. Studio workers attempted the Heimlich maneuver but were not successful.

Jeffry Bloomenthal, the spokesman for Warner Bros., spoke to The Fazzler about the accident.

“It’s just a tragedy, Danny was such a great guy,” said Bloomenthal. “Poor Julio has tried to put the Nerf gun to his head to try to commit suicide; he is broken up over this whole thing.”

Trejo’s ex-wife Debbie Shreve released a statement regarding the incident.

“We ask for privacy during this difficult time. I need to deal with finances and Danny’s life insurance accounts. If there are any good realtors or travel agents out there, please contact me ASAP!”

The 72-year-old actor leaves behind a legacy of great film work, often playing the villain. He is survived by his two children and former wife, Debbie Shreve.