Earl Turner’s New Revolution: Taking Down the Floral Industry

Somewhere in the Midwest — The world has seen its fair share of revolutionaries, but the newest group in town is turning heads with their unique target: florists. Yes, you heard that right. The Florist Brigades are a rising force of disgruntled individuals who are fed up with the happiness and beauty that flowers bring.

It all started when Earl, a seemingly ordinary man, stumbled into a local florist shop and was immediately awestruck by the beauty of the arrangements. However, instead of being moved to tears by the sheer delight that flowers bring to people, Earl’s reaction was one of bitterness and anger.

“I mean, who do these florists think they are?” Earl ranted. “They prance around with their daisies and their lilies, acting like they’re some sort of gods who can manipulate the very fabric of our emotions.”

From that moment on, Earl’s hatred of florists only grew, and he soon found himself surrounded by like-minded individuals who shared his disdain for the floral industry. Thus, the Florist Brigades were born.

Their mission? To bring down the flower industry and rid the world of the happiness and beauty that flowers bring. Their methods? Extreme and disturbing.

Vandalism in flower shops was just the beginning. Soon they escalated to breaking vases and stomping on bouquets. But the Florist Brigades weren’t content to just make a scene – they began organizing protests and marches, carrying signs with messages like “Down with daisies” and “No more roses”.

The police were called in to deal with the violent actions of the Florist Brigades, but they weren’t backing down. In fact, they doubled down, publishing a manifesto, titled “The Floral Apocalypse”, which outlined their plan to eradicate all flowers from the planet.

“We will not rest until every last flower has been destroyed until the world is a barren wasteland of concrete and steel,” the manifesto declared.

The world watched in disbelief as the Florist Brigades continued their crusade against beauty and happiness. But in the end, the sheer joy that flowers bring was simply too strong to be defeated by a group of angry individuals. The Florist Brigades faded away, a warning of what can happen when hatred and anger are allowed to fester and grow, even in the most unlikely of places.

Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
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