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Nevada County, CA — A Beacon reader has sent in the following photograph depicting what appears to be Jesus Christ arriving in the clouds in Western Nevada County. The picture, taken by Lake of the Pines resident Margaret Porter as she was returning from a Roseville, CA Costco trip, was shot using her mobile phone at dusk.

“Thank goodness, my son showed me how to use this iPhone camera,” said Ms. Porter in an exclusive telephone interview. “I was driving home with a bunch of toilet paper and paper towels stacked high in the back seat of my Oldsmobile. I couldn’t see out the back window, so I was checking my side windows when I saw him in the clouds. So I pulled over and took a picture.”

Mr. Porter then accidentally shared the photo on Facebook, and the post garnered over 945 likes and 1045 shares within eight hours.

Here are some of the 1451 comments on her post:

  • Yes, he takes your breath when you see him! It looks like Jesus. #JesusIsComing
  • I often look up and ask myself, is that the cloud He’ll step out on? What will he do if it’s a clear day?
  • It Jesus, he looks down on his children. #Amen Everyone except Muslims. This reminds me of my Jesus Tree!
  • It looks like Jesus is standing overlooking all!! And he cleared all the chemtrails away!
  • Yes, I just showed This picture To My GreatGrandDoll & She said, “Is That Jesus, Yes That’s Jesus” really makes you think, doesn’t it?”

  • I am a Child of God and think this is photoshopped. I’ve seen lots of photoshops, and this is one. You can tell by the pixels. How do you know what Jesus looks like? When he comes back, it is not going to be to look at us. He will go back and get us.
  • We don’t know, but look at the signs, read your Bible, give the GLORY to GOD and be ready. In the blink of an eye, we are out of here…AMEN! And I’m not talking about the Hometown Buffet!
  • As much as I understand, there’s been an awful lot of spiritual sightings in the clouds lately. My question has these kinds of sightings just recently, or have they always been there for people to see? It seems to me that God is trying to tell us something. Reguardless[sic], we need to be ready at all times.
  • I have been a cloud lady since my children were very young, never do I remember ever seen so many rainbows and angels and now a man walking on a cloud, the Bible speaks of signs and wonders I think I will keep looking up and seeing all the little presents God is giving us, they are lovely!