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Berkeley, CA — Longtime Berkeley resident Danny “Breeze” Dons has always been at the forefront of any environmental cause. According to the 58-year-old, he was part of the committee that helped form the first Earth Day. But Breeze is also famous in the area for his extroverted attempts at promoting naturism. For the uninitiated, that’s nudism.

After recently returning from Burning Man in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, where he says he was “known widely, and but widely ignored,” he took to the streets of Berkely to demonstrate the enormous size of his custom-built Prius.

“Who says you can’t be both good for Mother Earth and still have a cool ride,” said Breeze standing in front of his stretched 24 foot Toyota Prius. “It’s 3 Priuses welded together. And it was a hit at Burning Man. Even Elon Musk stopped by to say hello.”

His “ginormous Prius project,” as he calls it, began in 2009. However, the first attempt failed when he burned down his wife’s, now ex-wife’s house.

“Gabby was a good sport at first,” said Breeze speaking of his ex-wife who abruptly divorced him after his ginormous Prius project not only drained all their life savings but also destroyed their Shattuck Avenue home that she inherited from her mother. “I get why she was so angry. But I told her, ‘Gab, it was the biggest house fire in Berkeley history.’ But she didn’t see the significance in it.”

As for his part, Breeze is in it for the long game.

“I’m super proud of it. I mean, just look how long it is. I think I could win a prize or something, you know? It’s the biggest one around. The ladies love it.”


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