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Baltimore, MD — Area racist Merton Davies knows a racist when he sees one. And, due to his heightened sensitivity to what he calls “libtard Democrat KKK racists” on various social media outlets, he feels uniquely qualified to identify them.

“You see, that’s what they do,” said Mr. Davies, reflecting on a recent run-in with one such ‘libtard.’ “Elites are the real racists. They think they can censor good white folk who want to be left alone. But I’m telling you, they’re the real racists. How would they know what a racist is if they aren’t themselves?”

Mr. Davies, who’s a divorced and unemployed machinist, has been called out in recent weeks on both Facebook and Twitter for sharing inflammatory, racially insensitive posts about “the blacks, the rapist Mexicans” and, oddly, “the freeloading Scots,” according to several close to him. In addition, Mr. Davies is currently on a 30-day Facebook ‘timeout’ for calling a Baltimore Democrat activist “a member of the KKK” and a ‘house *&^^$%.”

“He does this all the time,” said an acquaintance who wished to remain anonymous. “He’s the most racist person I’ve known. And I’ve known him since high school. First, he takes his lead from the President. Then, when attacked, Merton takes others’ words and turns them around. It’s how 15-year-olds fight.

For his part, Mr. Davies claims he’s “done a lot of research on the Internet” and cites such controversial sources as conservative author and former felon Dinesh D’Souza as his proof.

“Look at what Dinesh says,” continued Mr. Davies. “The Demonrats [sic] are the real KKK. They wanted to keep the blacks and the Mexicans as enslaved people; you know, slaves to the government. Only the real racists want to do that. I mean, it’s one thing to say things. It’s another thing to do it.”

Mr. Davies is four days into his 30-day Facebook ban. He has not been disciplined on Twitter, and according to him, he’s added over 500 followers in the past week.