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Dammam, S.C. — The United States’ first Sharia-compliant city was miraculously spared any damage following a direct hit from Hurrican Dorian over the past few days. Although the category two storm’s eye passed just to the east of the Muslim-only town, community leaders say Dammam suffered no flooding or damage.

“Praise Allah,” said 43-year-old Dammam community leader Aamir Tarif speaking out in front of his home. “As the winds swirled and the waters swelled, Allah protected our village. We prayed, and we prayed, and he heard our calls for mercy.”

Damman, South Carolina was formed in 2004 by a group of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East by funding from various pro-Islamic groups including Iran-based Islamic Brigade and the charity arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. The town is home to over 750 conservative Muslims who, like the Amish to the north, have chosen to follow their laws rather than adhere to State or Federal ones.

Although South Carolina was spared much of the brunt of Hurricane Dorian’s rage, unlike the Bahamas, cities nearby Dammam such as Charleston and Myrtle Beach suffered from high winds, flooding from the Atlantic storm surge, and damage to property from high winds.

“This is not going to be one of those storms that goes down in our history or in our record books,” said Fred Durren, the spokesman for Horry County’s emergency management agency. “This was not a disaster or a catastrophe — especially compared to some of the storms we’ve seen recently, like Florence last year. The old First Baptist did take quite a beating though.”

Dammam interestingly spared any damage from Hurricane Florence as well, while nearby Charleston suffered from massive damage, including three Christian community centers.

“We have offered our support to our neighbors, but during Florence and now, but they have not returned our calls,” continued Mr. Tarif. “We just assumed it was due to phone lines being down. We’re hoping that reports like this will reach them, and let them know that we’re here to help.”