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WASHINGTON, D.C. — When President Donald Trump’s education secretary testified in her Senate confirmation hearing, many in the press and on social media were extremely amused and bemused by one of her answers to a question about guns on school campuses. Bert DeVos, a member of a billionaire family that has spent hundreds of millions of dollars donating to Republican candidates over the years, told senators that she believes some schools may need to allow guns on their campuses because they live in wooded, rural areas and may need to fend off a bear attack.

While many laughed at the suggestion, one fellow took DeVos at her word and became immediately concerned for his life.

“I’ve been visiting schools for decades,” Roger “Smokey” Bear told reporters at a press conference outside the National Forestry Service’s D.C. headquarters, “and I’ve never once felt scared for my life. But after hearing Ms. DeVos’ confirmation hearing testimony, one thing is certain: the Trump years will be really different from every other administration. And I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.”

Mr. Bear indicated to reporters that while he’s still going to be touring the country and speaking to young students about preventing forest fire, he has to “be realistic” about “our changing times.”

“So effective January 20th, 2019,” Bear said, “I will start bringing a firearm with me to every single school visit I do. I have a right under the Second Amendment to carry a gun, and if you think about it, I have a double right since it says the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Smoky said he will be “reasonable” about the kind of gun he chooses to carry.

“I’m not some gun nut,” Mr. Bear said, “and I’m only doing this for my peace of mind. So I’ll probably just go with a basic semi-automatic AR-15 style firearm. You can’t ever to be too certain you’ll have enough ammo to take out the fourth-grade teacher popping off shots at you, so I’ll be sure to get an extended magazine as well.”

The Forestry Service has announced that it approves of Smokey’s plan. Mr. Bear said that there is one problem with his plan that he hasn’t quite worked out yet. He’s unsure when he’ll have a chance to take range lessons to improve his aim.

“But I kinda figure that I’ll be like a lot of other American gun owners,” Smokey said, “I’m buying a gun out of baseless paranoia and without really understanding much more about it other than I point, shoot, and hopefully hit what I think I’m aiming at. I don’t know. I’ll figure it out as I go. That’s the Trump way, any way, so why fight it?”