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Union, NJ —  The American chain of domestic merchandise retail stores Bed Bath & Beyond made a surprise announcement over the weekend regarding the ‘Beyond’ part of their name. For years, customers have wondered what it referred to.

“My wife used to drag me there every Saturday, and I always thought the ‘beyond’ part was about utility closets or organizing the garage,” said Poway, CA resident, and father of three Jim Stanton. “But I didn’t think that it had to do with guys who swing both ways. Which, of course, got me thinking if they’re talking about me.”

Bed, Bath & Beyond CEO Karen Callers said that the announcement has been in the works for years, but the timing was never right.

“From our very start over 49 years ago, our founder wanted our business to be for all people, not just those stricken with obsessive-compulsive disorders,” said Ms. Callers during the company’s annual shareholder meeting. “When we say ‘Beyond,’ we mean those men who like to explore their options, both on the playfield, if you know what I mean, but also with sensible and affordable bathroom and bedroom solutions.”

Following the announcement, the Alliance for Bi-Curious Males Who Are Highly Organized (AFBCMWAHO) applauded the disclosure. AFBCMWAHO founder Jeff Dealt took to Twitter to celebrate.

“This is a great moment for bi-curious men all over the country. Now they can fully explore their options at their local Bed, Bath & Beyond. What a great day.”

According to CEO Callers, the company has no plans to increase its marketing efforts aimed at bi-curious males saying the announcement is more than enough for now.