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New York, NY — Following what many are calling a successful show in New York City, Yoko Ono, famed wife of Beatles John Lennon announced today via her publicist that she is planning to record Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Her version, titled Dark Side of Yoko Ono, will feature all the songs from Pink Floyd’s album performed as only she can.

“We are truly excited to share this experience with everyone,” said Yoko Ono publicist Bethany Millbright. “It’s been quite a while since she’s released any recorded performance art.”

According to people close to the project, Yoko became interested in doing an extended set of Pink Floyd songs following a successful performance featuring the Great Gig in the Sky at a 2013 art show. After receiving several standing ovations, and 2 encores, the elusive New York performance artist decided to explore other songs. She started performing at several karaoke bars in Koreatown to test the audience’s reactions.



“Ms. Ono recalled one night when she performed Money to a packed audience in a Korean Dinner Theater,” continued Ms. Millbright. “No one knew it was her, but everyone was very impressed with her emotive vocals and her keen use of sound effects. Many thought Pink Floyd was on the stage with her.”

The project was set to start in October of 2013, but her collaborator on the project, proto-punk icon Lou Reed had just died from a long battle with cancer.

“Ms. Ono was devastated,” added Ms. Millbright. “It took her ’till now to get the material and supporting artists together. Lou was just as interested in the project as she was, and when he died, the project almost fell apart.”

Dark Side of Yoko Ono will be out later next year on Warner Brothers records and will be produced by famed record man Jack Douglas.