Trump’s Tower of Trouble: 34 Outlandish Felony Counts Unveiled in Manhattan Court

New York, NY — In an unprecedented legal development, former President Donald Trump has been charged with a whopping 34 felony counts in a Manhattan court. While 29 of these counts involve allegations of business fraud, the remaining five bizarre charges have left the public scratching their heads.

Among the most peculiar accusations is the illegal smuggling of bald eagles across state lines. Sources indicate that the former President was allegedly caught with three bald eagles in his personal limousine, each wearing miniature “Make America Great Again” hats. It is believed that Trump intended to use the patriotic birds as a centerpiece for an upcoming rally.

Another outlandish charge revolves around Trump’s infamous hair. Authorities claim that the former President’s trademark hairpiece is, in fact, an endangered species of squirrel that has been dyed and groomed to resemble a toupee. Wildlife experts are said to be working diligently to determine the origin of the endangered squirrels and to rescue any remaining specimens.

In addition to the aforementioned charges, Trump faces accusations of illegal underground marble racing, attempting to trademark the phrase “You’re Fired” for personal financial gain and endangering the public with hazardous levels of spray tan fumes. Witnesses claim that the fumes were so potent that they caused a herd of deer to flee from the vicinity of Trump Tower.

With these peculiar charges dominating headlines, it is easy to forget that the former President also faces 29 counts of business fraud. Legal experts predict that the trial will be a lengthy and bizarre spectacle, with the world watching closely to see if the former leader of the free world will be held accountable for his outrageous actions.

As this legal circus unfolds, one thing is certain: Trump’s Tower of Trouble is only growing taller.

Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
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