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Northfield, IL — Kraft Foods Heinz, the makers of Kraft-brand Velveeta cheese spread, announced a shelf-stable meat product to compete with Hormel’s SPAM. According to company officials, the meat product, which is called Velmeata is said to have a shelf life of almost 47 years and requires no refrigeration.

It will be sold along with Velveeta cheese foods in most “top shelf” locations in grocery stores across the United States and select Kraft Foods Heinz “growth” markets such as South Korea and the Philippines.

The Velmeata product will be the first processed “meat food” from the multinational conglomerate since merging with Ketchup and condiment giant Heinz in 2015. The deal was coordinated by investment giant Berkshire Hathaway and international business magnate George Soros for an estimated 16 billion dollars.

The merger made Kraft Foods Heinz the 5th largest food company in the world. Velmeata is expected to be a hit, especially in “periphery” food markets with 2nd or third-world economies. This includes the aforementioned Philippine markets, but also such domestic locations like Detroit, MI, Modesto, CA, and Hilo, HI.

“We are absolutely excited about the revenue possibilities for Velmeata in the United States and abroad,” said Kraft Foods Heinz Food Communications Director Bethany Millbright. “We like to call it ‘food synergy.’ Velmeata can be combined with Velveeta for all kinds of delicious dishes. We plan on launching a series of social media ‘how-to’ videos on Facebook called Kraft Kitchen Kares that will explore all the creative things you can make with Velmeata, like Velmeata nachos and Velmeata casseroles. The sky’s the limit when it comes to deliciousness.”

Velmeata has already been test-marketed in Grass Valley, CA, and Kansas City, MO, with great success, according to Ms. Millbright, and will expand to other regional and international markets by later this summer.