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Washington, D.C. — CNN chief political anchor Wolf Blitzer made an impassioned plea to his audience Late last week imploring them to not visit the barber or beauty salon for risk of spreading the deadly coronavirus. The usually disciplined veteran host broke from his usual steely style and spoke directly to the camera.

“This lockdown has been hard for everyone,” said Mr. Blitzer in a rare emotional moment. “And I know I speak for the entire CNN family when I say everyone is suffering out there. However, I’m begging my friends in Georgia and elsewhere not to venture out in public until we have proper testing and tracking.”

For the first time in weeks, some Metro Atlanta hair salons and barbershops reopened Friday. And the lines started early. The first phase of Gov. Brian Kemp’s plan to reopen Georgia during the coronavirus pandemic included haircut shops and gyms, even as Georgia’s coronavirus death toll is on the rise.

Mr. Blitzer, who’s been broadcasting from his Bethesda, Maryland home since early March, claims he hasn’t been to his hairstylist in over seven weeks. Although he claims his wife has “helped him trim around the edges.”

Several CNN staffers who spoke on condition of anonymity said Blitzer is proud of his new mane but also told his staff not to mention it.

Reaction from Georgia’s natives with swift and to the point.

At Peachtree Battle Barber Shop in Buckhead, Georgia, customers waited in line shortly after 7 a.m. Matt Maddox was one of those customers later Friday morning.

“I don’t need no CNN libtard telling me what to do,” said Matty Melbourne, who was one of those customers. “I’m not concerned. If you’re cutting hair or you’re a waiter, you haven’t been working, so it helps get the economy started again. And if you get sick, that’s just the Lord’s will.”

As for Wolf Blitzer’s grooming issues, several CNN producers have made attempts to reach out to him to offer assistance, but so far has refused any help.