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Grass Valley, CA — Local amateur cryptozoologist, paranormal investigator, SciFi Channel fan and amateur astronomer Keith Bradenshauer of Alta Sierra, CA  swears he spotted an enormous “Black Cube” near the moon this past week on his Meade telescope.

“I was out trying to spot the International Space Station,” said an excited and earnest Mr. Bradenshauer in a The Fazzler telephone interview, “when I saw this gigantic Dark Cube pass in front of the moon. I only had a few seconds to zoom in on it, but I got it.”

Ufologists and UFO hunters claim that NASA has been hiding knowledge of this Black Cube for several years now. They claim that the American space agency has a long history of covering up numerous space anomalies. Many are calling for a full disclosure by the government. However some, like local Skyy Wolford, say that’s unnecessary given amateur efforts like Mr. Bradenshauer. As for what this black cube might be, there is little doubt in local researcher Mr. Wolford’s mind what it is.

“It’s Nibiru,” said a mood-elevated Mr. Wolford taking a break from what he calls his “public service speaking” in front of the North San Juan Sierra Super Stop. “Nibiru is a spaceship, not a planet. And they are making plans for their visit,” as Mr. Wolford made finger quotation marks around the word ‘visit.’ “The Anunnaki are here to eat us, which is why I spend my days out here [at the Sierra Super Stop] warning people.”

As for Mr. Bradenshauer, he’s not worried about being eaten by an ancient interstellar people.

“I’m not sure I get that whole Planet X/Nibiru thing,” continued Mr. Bradenshauer, “although it is a tantalizing theory. All I know is it’s guys like me who are exposing the truth of NASA’s secret programs. I mean it’s obvious why they’re not telling us, because they don’t want billions of people to panic. But soon, we’ll know the truth, and everything will change.”