Area Musician Draws Inspiration from Chemtrails

Area musician David Robock draws deep inspiration from chemtrails.
Area musician David Robock draws deep inspiration from chemtrails.

Grass Valley, CA  Area musician David Robock used to cite an eclectic mix of influences while he was still cutting his teeth on the local club circuit. Bands like Megadeth, Smashing Pumpkins, and solo artists like Prince and Merle Haggard were a constant source of inspiration. That is until he discovered the one thread that all of these artists had in commona fascination with chemtrails.

“Chemtrails are my single biggest influence when composing new music,” said the 24-year-old Grass Valley native. “There’s just something about those mysterious lines in the sky that sparks the imagination and gets my creative juices flowing.”

Robock believes the key is opening up your subconscious and allowing those toxic aircraft emitted plumes to take their desired effect.

“One of the most difficult things about writing music is the sheer number of distractions,” Robock said. “I find that leaving the smart phone at home allows me to concentrate more deeply on what those biological agents in the sky are trying to tell me.”

According to advance reviews of his latest self-financed release, Stratospheric Deployment, those magical agents in the atmosphere have provided Robock with an esoteric collection of highly-intoxicating songs.

The new album pushes the boundaries of what’s considered acceptable and what’s been deemed ‘crackpot conspiracy theories’ by the dishonest mainstream media. A media Robock is only too happy to ignore.

Instead of the usual PR campaign, Robock is taking a DIY approach to promoting the album directly to like-minded people.

“We’re bringing the music and the message straight to the people,” he said, “by ignoring the mainstream music press and focusing on alternative media to get our music out there.”

Robock’s unorthodox promotional tactics have so far been a winning formula for the singer-songwriter. He is set to headline the inaugural Chemstock Music & Arts Festival this September in Nevada City, the first city in the nation to ban chemtrails.

Event organizers are hoping to change the city’s perception of chemtrails through the power of music.

“Nevada City is the ideal place to stage this event,” said CM&AF promoter, Marcia Russell. “It’s time for city officials to wake up and realize that the creative benefits chemtrails bring to the city outweigh any potential health or environmental risks. The sooner the ban is lifted the better for all.”

Russell hopes upwards of ten thousand chemtrailers will make the pilgrimage to Nevada City for the event.

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