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Westminster, CA — A group of Asian tourists became confused on their way to Disneyland late last week when their bus passed a Westminister, California Dick’s Sporting Goods store. As the group approached the popular national chain, the bus erupted in both gasps and an occasional giggle.

“This happens every time we pass Dick’s on our way to the magical kingdom,” said American Specialities Touring (AST) company guide Bethany Millbright. “Usually, we try to distract our guests with a story about the Westminister area, but I had to make an emergency bathroom break, and when I emerged, almost everyone on the bus looked disturbed.”

As Ms. Millbright was not available to translate, many of the guests took to their smartphone to translate the store’s name. Although several on the bus entered the entire name of the sporting goods store, many more just Googled the first name, some making the unfortunate choice to perform an image search.

“I thought it was some mistake,” said Shanghai resident and Huawei production manager Li Xiu Ying via a translator, who was visiting the United States for the first time with his wife and 8-year-old child. “I didn’t quite know how to explain it to my daughter, except to say that Americans seem to have a strange sense of humor. I told her it was a popular name from fathers.”

A spokesperson for AST says that the popular touring line is considering different routes from LAX to Disneyland in the future.