ChatGPT Researcher Now Home Foundations Expert

Lake of the Pines, CA — Area transplant, Lake of the Pines resident, and current commuting Chevron employee Wes Ford announced to his friends and family on Friday night that he plans to “build his own foundation” on a piece of property he inherited from his uncle south of Highway 20.

“After watching a bunch of Youtube videos and then asking ChatGPT a bunch of questions, I know what I’m doing now,” said Mr. Ford from his lawn chair outside his Lake of the Pines home. “It’s amazing the things one can learn these days from watching things. And I like to watch.”

With the explosion of rich Internet media like YouTube and now ChatCPT, many people have found new hobbies and, in some cases, new expertise in subjects entirely foreign to their skill sets.

“I’ve learned many things watching YouTube,” continued Mr. Ford. “Like this [pointing to his Apple iPad]. ‘How to run your car off a BBQ propane tank.’ And this, ‘Living with 47 cats.’ And this one’s my favorite, ‘Uses for shaving cream on passed out drunk people.'”

This new expertise culture is not without its detractors who are concerned that this kind of “instant knowledge” is thin and no substitution for experience, research, and professionalism that comes with years of training and education.

“Mr. Ford and others would be advised to hire a professional before attempting any significantly large construction projects,” said a county official who chose to remain anonymous. “What’s that saying about people who act as their lawyers? They have a fool for a client?”

Mr. Ford is undaunted by criticisms. And says he doesn’t care what people think.

“This is America, my friend,” he told The Fazzler correspondent. “We’re a nation of freedom-loving builders and chance-takers. We don’t need bureaucrats, teachers, or licensed contractors  telling us what to do.”

Sources close to Mr. Ford tell The Fazzler that after pouring his self-taught foundation, he plans to make engineering suggestions for the new Dorsey Drive interchange and replace his old Zinsco circuit breaker panel with a modern one. That is, as soon as he views the YouTube videos on how to do those things.

Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
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