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Lynchburg, VA — A Liberty University ‘scientist’ has released a study that refutes the conventional wisdom that being homosexual is a genetic disposition. Dr. Ford Chappel, who has a doctorate in theology, claims that his exhaustive 10-year study proves that gay people are really heterosexuals who choose to be gay. More shockingly, Dr. Chappel claims that we are predisposed to be Chrisitan.

“I didn’t start out to prove anything,” said Dr. Chappel speaking at a Liberty University press conference. “I just let the will of the Lord guide me along the way. And let me tell you, this is further proof that if you let Him guide you, along with the grace of Jesus Christ, He will lead you to the truth.”

The 10-year study involved 420 students from the Christian evangelical Liberty University. Sponsored by the Falwell Family Foundation and Family Research Council, the study sought to determine the origins of being gay and Christian according to a prospectus released by Dr. Chappel. Both 501c3 non-profits decline to comment for this article.

Fierce Rebuttal from the LGBTQ+ Community

Garret Greg, of the San Francisco-based civil rights group, Stonewall Information Coalition, said it has nothing to do with any of Dr. Chappel’s findings.

“Let’s forget the implicit and explicit bigotry of the Liberty University study. Not to mention its lack or complete absence of scientific rigor,” said Mr. Greg speaking with the San Francisco-based KRON-TV news. “The fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter if it’s genetic or not or whether someone is predisposed or not to be straight or gay or whatever. It’s a matter of treating everyone equally regardless of their orientation. Clearly, these idiots are trying to influence the law and reduce citizen’s rights.”

According to Liberty University president Jerry Falwell, Jr., Dr. Chappel’s research is instrumental in both bring God back into America and establishing the university as a leading think tank for LGBTQ studies.

“I am so proud of the godly work of Dr. Chappel,” said Mr. Falwell during a Fox News interview following the release of the study. “I’ve spoken with the president about it, and he believes, as I certainly do, that the Lord is telling us something; something that demands real action to bring His Kingdom to America.”

The White House denies that Reverend Falwell reached out to President Trump regarding the study.