Chris Hemsworth’s Car Breaks Down in Grass Valley

Chris Hemsworth's BMW broke down just south of Grass Valley on Friday. He was traveling with Friend David Spade to Tahoe City.
Chris Hemsworth’s BMW broke down just south of Grass Valley on Friday. He was traveling with Friend David Spade to Tahoe City.

Grass Valley, CA — The star of numerous feature films Chris Hemsworth’s car broke down in Grass Valley, CA this week. Mr. Hemsworth, who is the star of the Thor series of films, was making his way to Sierra City with long-time friend David Spade to Mr. Spade’s condominium in Tahoe City, CA.

According to cashiers at Big A’s Hamburgers, the two sauntered in around 2pm on Friday and mentioned that Mr. Hemsworth’s BMW had broken down just south of town on Highway 49. The two ordered two hamburgers and 2 large root beers. Mr. Spade was heard saying “this is the best root beer I’ve ever had.”

Mr. Spade told the Big A staff that they were on their way to his condo and that he hadn’t been there in a while and that “Chris” had never been to Lake Tahoe. He said that the car started having trouble in Auburn, but completely “konked out” around Combie Road, just south of Grass Valley. Fischer’s towing hauled the vehicle to Eagle Automotive and they had the car fixed in about two hours.

The two stayed in the Grass Valley area a few more hours, paying visit to the historic Holbrooke Hotel where they were mobbed by fans.

Loretta Splitair
Loretta Splitair
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