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Sacramento, CA — The Schultz’s Pomeranian “Dazzler” shocked her Sacramento family by converting to Fundamentalist Islam. The Schultz family, who happen to be Jewish, knew something was not right when Dazzler began to spell out “the problem is with the infidels” with her kibble and would randomly bite family members’ ankles for no apparent reason. Well, there was a reason.

The owner of Dazzler, now Aaliya Hussein, David Schultz, spoke to The Fazzler about Aaliya’s conversion.

“This all began when she started hanging out with that damn Persian cat next door,”  said David. “I can’t even call her Dazzler, she wants to be called Aaliya. She spends all day at the dog park trying to convert other dogs wearing a little Pomeranian burka.”

Dazzler that is, Aaliya is believed to be influenced by online videos of dogs being used by terrorist faction ISIS, and sources say she’s trying to build her own K-9 sleeper cell. Neighbors are keeping their dogs inside to prevent any interaction with her.

Liam Schwimmer, neighbor to the Schultz household gave The Fazzler his opinion on the dog formerly known as Dazzler.

“I sit and wonder if all those times she licked my hand, was she just luring me into a false sense of security?” said Liam. “I won’t let her near my kids, what if she converts them.”

What remains of Homeland Security has also become alarmed at the radicalization of a family dog. They are investigating and monitoring the situation.

Aaliya spoke to The Fazzler about why she converted to Islam.

“It all started a year ago when my owners put me in a dog show. It was so degrading,” said Aaliya Hussein. “After enduring the objectifying humiliation and ridicule from my friends, it just makes sense now. I am a modest, Muslim dog.”

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