Ex AC/DC Singer Brian Johnson Debuts New Hoover Vacuum Jingle: VIDEO

Newcastle upon Tyne Ex AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has kept busy after leaving the band he fronted for over 3 decades. When doctors warned he would be risking ‘total deafness” if he continued to tour, Brian was left with a difficult decision to make. One thing was always clear…he would never stop rocking.

“I never wanted to leave the lads and stop rockin’ me son,” Johnson told The Fazzler, “but I had to protect me one good ear. Luckily the doctor said I could continue to sing in the studio and do small gigs, so that’s what I’ve been doing. That and some light vinyl roofing”

Johnson debuted his new Hoover vacuum jingle to mixed reviews over the weekend. “It fucking rocks,” said longtime AC/DC die-hard, Larry Burgess. “It sounds like he took a time machine back to the early 80’s. Powerful stuff man!”

Cock Rawk Daily gave the new Hoover jingle 3 limp cocks. “Yeah he sounds great but… you’re Brian fucking Johnson! You don’t have to be singing jingles for vacuum cleaners. It’s not like you’re Paul Stanley or something. Why even do this?”

Jonna said the answer is quite simple. “They were the first to call. I was in me garage putting a new vinyl roof on a vintage Aston Martin DB3S when me phone rang. I said sure I’ll come down and sing a bit.”

Between lending his legendary pipes to Hoover for their new ‘Hoover Rocks‘ marketing campaign (which also features The Who’s Roger Daltrey and the deceased Brad Delp, ex Boston) and doing small impromptu gigs around his adopted home of Sarasota, FL, Brian has even found the time to revisit his first love, installing and repairing vinyl roofs on fancy sports cars. “I always wanted to start me own business, and now I’ve got the time and money to do it.”

Nobody knows what the future holds for BJ’s ex bandmates in AC/DC. Angus Young and co. just wrapped up the final dates of their Rock or Bust world tour with Guns ‘N’ Roses main man Axl Rose filling in for Johnson. “Cliff [Williams] and I may get together for a jam,” said Johnson, “but nothing’s set in stone.”

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