Manitoba Chubby Chaser Talks Thrill, Safety

Rimmer runs the website Manitoba Thick, where he posts images and real-time updates on social media.
Rimmer runs the website Manitoba Thick, where he posts images and real-time updates on social media.

Winnipeg, Manitoba When a curvaceous, full-figured bombshell touches down in southern Manitoba, Reid Rimmer doesn’t stay indoors, he leaps into his heavily-modified SUV dubbed the Chubinator, and drives towards the action.

A chubby chaser since the age of 18, Reid now combines his passion and expertise in an effort to help others.

“I’ve always had a fondness for heavy-set women,” said Rimmer, “and nothing beats the thrill of the chase.”

For Reid, pursuing fatties is just as much about the science as it is the adrenaline rush.

“These gals are some of the most beautiful forms of nature you’ll ever see, but they’re also some of the most devastating.”

Rimmer runs the website Manitoba Thick, where he posts images and real-time updates on social media.

“The most challenging aspect of chubby chasing is trying to harness the sheer power of these behemoths. It’s always an adventure and tons of fun,” he said.

Reid is among 100 Canadians nominated by their peers for CBC’s #ThightanicProject, which hopes to shine a spotlight on chubby chaser safety.

Those who fingered Rimmer praised his willingness to play ‘wingman’ and admire his bravery and self-sacrificing ‘take one for the team’ mentality.

“Reid will jump on a live grenade at a moment’s notice,” said longtime friend, Taylor Joel. “It’s been an absolute honor to work with the guy.”

In addition to hunting down fully-stacked Manitoban f*ck pigs–which he does outside of his day job–Mr. Rimmer also offers tours that allow fellow lard spotters to accompany him on chases.

“For the most part, it’s pretty safe,” said Rimmer. “We understand the risks involved and take every necessary precaution. Usually, amateurs just want to take photographs from a safe distance.”

“Of course, when you’re dealing with an overweight and sometimes moody fe-whale, there’s going to be some instability there.”

The first buxom beauty that Reid ever chased was the well-rounded Kristy Kreme, who turned out to be the first voluptuous Canadian in history to receive a DTF-5 classification.

“The night before she completely dropped off my radar,” Reid said, “but when I awoke the next morning those gargantuan thunder thighs were barreling down right on top of me. I got some nice photographs that day.”

Rimmer is currently working on a documentary about his encounters, which he hopes to release later this year.

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