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Cambridge, MA — Renown MIT linguistics professor and social media critic Noam Chomsky reluctantly entered the “Twitter-sphere” this week with somewhat disastrous results. The famous Linguistics Professor and darling of the political Left throughout the world has been critical of social media and in particular, Twitter.

“Well, let’s take, say, Twitter,” Professor Chomsky said in a December 2010 interview. “It requires a very brief, concise form of thought and so on that tends toward superficiality and draws people away from real serious communication. It is not a medium of a serious interchange.”

It is unclear when of this writing what changed the influential Professor’s mind about social media, but it is clear that social mediums are not a good fit for his expansive rhetoric and commentary. Most of his tweets were cut off by Twitter’s 240 character limit, rendering much of his substantive commentary truncated and at times, incoherent.  It is unclear whether Professor Chomsky will continue to tweet. Calls by The Fazzler to his MIT office were not returned.

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