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Sierra City, CA — The Fazzler, the 42-year-old publication located in Sierra City, CA, apologized today for accidentally reporting on real news after first publishing and promoting an article as a work of satire.

“We accidentally told the truth several years ago when we accidentally told the truth about a local politician,” said The Fazzler publisher Dwayne Gish. “We did it again today when we  exposed Stephen Colbert as a clone, or perhaps as an impostor in human form.”

The unintentional error has set off a set of internal review processes at that publication.

“And having accidentally told the truth in our efforts several times in the past, we have decided to review the standards of our, admittedly low-grade staff,” continues Gish. “We were confident that our intrepid reporters would steer clear of the truth, as Breitbart and FOX have done so well over the years. But, alas, we have stepped in the proverbial it with our story, exposing Stephen Colbert to those both on the right and the left of the political spectrum.”

It’s unclear how this accident happened, although critics cite the adage of a million monkeys with typewriters will eventually produce a work of Shakespeare. The same can’t be said about critics.

None the less, Mr. Gish assures the public that “this will not happen again. Until it does, at which time we will issue another apology.”