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Washington D.C. — Activists took to social media over the weekend calling on Twitter to  ban President Trump after he referred to NBC’s Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd as a “libtard.” The tweet, which was posted in the early morning and deleted about two hours later, raised concerns among the president’s adversaries that he might not be the “very stable genius” he claims to be.

Libtard is portmanteau of liberal and the offensive and derogatory word retard. It is an insult used by conservative trolls to characterize liberals as stupid. In particular, the alt-right rejects political correctness, so embracing an outdated term for a person with an intellectual disability (“retard”) serves the purpose of insulting liberals.

According to White House insiders, a staffer was able to delete the offensive tweet while the president “was taking his morning hour-long crap.” When Trump returned to resume his rage tweeting, he thankfully forgot about his feud with Chuck Todd.

For his part, Chuck Todd declined to “dignify the president’s tweet with a response” during his weekly Meet the Press program. Still, he did mention before his first guest that the “country was in a sad state of affairs if anyone thinks this is acceptable behavior.”

But not everyone was offended by Trump’s Tweet. Many of his core supporters celebrated the president’s foray into vulgarity, claiming “he speaks just like us.”

“Look, them goddamn libtards are ruining the country with their soft, lefty, pinko socialist policies,” said Chairman of Georgia’s re-elect Trump 2020 committee, Houston Lester.  “Why can’t decent white people watch NASCAR, carry guns, and drink Bud Lite in peace? I wish he’d lock their sorry asses up for treason.”