Americans Abandon Academia in Favor of Dank Memes

Seattle, WA — Americans are abandoning traditional higher education in favor of the most depressing memes. Yes, colleges and universities around the country report a major reduction in enrolment as more students pursue a career in meme-making.

The tendency appears to have begun on the internet, where memes have become ingrained in popular culture. Memes have evolved into more than just photographs with captions in recent years. They have evolved into a means of communicating ideas and opinions and expressing oneself. And it appears that Americans have discovered that they, too, can join in the fun.

“I used to believe that to have a good career, I needed to go to college,” stated one former college student. “However, I soon discovered that I could make a living by making memes. Who needs a degree in English Literature when you can create a viral ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme?”

Not just students are ditching academia in favor of memes. Professors and educators are increasingly jumping on board.

“I used to teach history, but now I spend my days making memes about historical characters,” one retired professor explained. “I never expected memes to be more satisfying than teaching, but here we are.”

The trend has alarmed educators and companies, who are concerned that a lack of higher education may result in a shortage of qualified workers in the future. However, meme creators swiftly point out that making memes takes specialized talents such as originality, humor, and knowledge of online culture.

As the trend continues, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the American worker. But one thing is certain. The internet would be a different place without the ugliest memes.

Michael Stephen
Michael Stephen
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