Area Cashier Not Fired for Licking Cantaloupe

file photo: SPD Nevada City
file photo: SPD Nevada City

Nevada City, CA — SPD Grocery Store checkout clerk Megan Albright will not be terminated for “taste testing” customer Cantaloupes. Ms. Albright, who has worked for the highly-praised local grocery story for almost a year, has been using a unique method to test produce for freshness.

“It’s how I was taught as a kid when my parents had a semi-commercial farm on the outskirts of Nevada City,” explained Ms. Albright after her shift. “My Mom taught me to smell them for freshness. So I started licking them because I found that to be a more accurate test.”

The Nevada City SPD Grocery Store is a county institution that still preserves the “mining vibe” from a bygone era. A local favorite, even for those of competing grocery stores, SPD still stocks it shelves with mining equipment along with an excellent selection of produce and a full service meat counter.

“We had to come up with a solution for Megan’s ‘unique’ freshness test,” said SPD the General Manager “She is such a hard worker with a genuinely happy disposition. But some of the customers complained. So we placed Clorox Wipes for the customers to use after Megan is done.”

The Fazzler spoke with customers exiting the store for their comments.

A cheery Megan Albright
A cheery Megan Albright

“That checker is real sweet, but I was taken aback when she licked my cantaloupe,” said Emma Walker outside her late model Buick in the SPD parking lot. “I didn’t know quite what to do, but I glanced at the bagger and he handed me a Clorox Wipe.”

“I’m not sure that’s how one tests cantaloupes. The licking thing,” said Jeremy Beasle of Nevada City. “But it’s not like I’m gonna eat that part anyway.”

A check with other local grocery stores reveals that they had no staff actively licking produce. The BriarPatch, however, admitted that they had two employees that licked themselves on occasion.

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