Offensive People Suddenly Harshly Judged

"I can't strut shirtless to the Taco Shell anymore without somebody yelling 'Asshole', or 'Fuck you!' really loud." Tattoo design by David C Jensen
“I can’t strut shirtless to the Taco Shell anymore without somebody yelling ‘Asshole’, or ‘Fuck you!’ really loud.” Tattoo design by David C Jensen

Penn Valley, CA — An area man is a little upset at some of the offensive words and invectives lately thrown his way by passersby for his deeply personal tattoo.

Speaking to The Fazzler outside The Northridge, Gabriel Cassidy of Penn Valley whines, “I can’t strut shirtless to the Taco Shell anymore without somebody yelling ‘Asshole’, or ‘Fuck you!’ really loud. Some people throw things. I got hit in the back of the head by a half-empty beer can a bicyclist threw at me….he was going way too fast for me to catch him. I used to get rides all the time, usually from hotties. That doesn’t happen anymore because I made a stand on my values…I got the tattoo that represented my true soul.”

Continuing to not get the point, Cassidy continues. “Look, I’m not going to cover my tattoo just because it offends some people. I’m definitely not getting it removed, that shit’s expensive. Besides, anyone who knows me knows I’m a deep, caring Christian. Love thy neighbor is how I live.”

Cassidy goes on to state, “I just wish people could love a little more and stop all the hate. They judge me based on my image, well, that’s their hang-up, not mine. They read too much meaning into what, for me, is just a family tradition. This tattoo tells you everything about me. It’s my heritage, it’s who I am.” Shaking his head sadly, he continues, “It’s pretty pathetic, all the hateful messages out there. Ever since I got this tattoo, people have judged me before they even knew me. That’s what’s wrong with the world is that people take everything so personally, all PC with ‘don’t wear that, and that thing offends me’ kind of insults on my character. I wish they would stop saying such mean things to me…I am who I am.
They should be more accepting.”

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