California Man Plans to “Own the Libs” With Personal Coal-fired Power Plant

Quincy, CA – Quincy resident Frank Farmer has sparked controversy and concern among his community after building a coal-fired energy plant on his property, despite protests and warnings from his neighbors and county government. Farmer, a self-proclaimed conservative, claims that the push for clean energy and electric cars is part of a vast communist and globalist conspiracy to control the population and marginalize white people.

“These solar panels and electric cars, they’re just a way for the globalists to tap into our bodily fluids and control our every move,” said Farmer. “They’re spying on us everywhere, even in the bathroom, when we’re just doing our business. They want to know every detail of our lives, to control us, to brainwash us, and make us their puppets.”

Farmer’s decision to build the coal plant has been met with fierce opposition from his neighbors, who are concerned about the pollution and health risks that the plant would bring.

“Frank is a strange man, but he’s always been friendly to us,” said Ms. Himens, a neighbor. “But this coal plant idea is just crazy. He’s even wrapped his entire house in aluminum foil, claiming it’s blocking the government’s surveillance and mind control rays.”

Despite the protests and warnings, Farmer remains determined to move forward with his plan, convinced that the government and globalists are out to get him.

“They can try to stop me, but I won’t be silenced,” said Farmer. “I’m taking back control of my own energy, and I won’t let these globalists and Democrats tell me what to do. They want to enslave us. I won’t let them.”

As the weeks passed, Farmer’s plan became a reality, and he began producing his own energy. However, the pollution and health risks associated with the plant were real, and the community began to suffer.

“The air is so thick with smoke, and the smell is terrible,” said Ms. Himens. “I can’t even open my windows anymore.”

Despite the negative impact on his community, Farmer remains stubborn in his belief that he is doing the right thing and that the government and globalists are out to get him. “I may be just one man, but I’m making a stand against the globalists and Democrats,” said Farmer. “I won’t be silenced, and I won’t be controlled. I’m taking back my power from the hands of the oppressors.”

The county government has since shut down Farmer’s coal plant and imposed fines for the pollution and health hazards it caused.

Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
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