Delivery Driver Outwitted by Fancy Gate Latch

San Rafael, CA — Unassuming Doordash driver Chip Day fell victim to a sophisticated gate latch.

It was easy for Day to make deliveries along the city’s bustling streets and avoid aggressive cars for hours. But he finally found his match in a gated neighborhood equipped with cutting-edge security measures.

As Day neared the gate, he saw it was locked with a futuristic-looking, sleek, elegant latch. I can’t remember ever seeing anything like it,” said Day. “There were many controls whose functions I was unfamiliar with: buttons, levers, and the like.”

Day tried his hardest but couldn’t figure out how to open the gate. But no matter what he did, the gate wouldn’t open. The latch “seemed to be mocking me,” Day said. “As I fumbled to unlock it, I almost felt it laughing at me.”

Day finally conceded defeat after what seemed like an eternity. He walked back to his car with his head down and shoulders drooped, then called the client to apologize.

The customer surprised him by showing sympathy and offering to drive out and open the gate for him. As much as Day appreciated the help, he still felt like a loser. As a delivery driver, “I’ve faced down all sorts of problems, but a gate lock has never bested me,” he said.

Day doubted his suitability for his new job as he drove back to the Doordash headquarters. He thought, “Perhaps I’m not as tough as I thought.” Perhaps I’m a delivery guy who can’t handle a high-tech gate latch.

Chip Day
Chip Day
Chip Day lives on the grid, makes a reasonable income, pays both his income and property taxes and perhaps most incredibly raising kids that he sends to non-charter public schools! All that and he doesn't have a single visible tattoo, creative piercing, or membership in any of the many cranky political movements popular in Penn Valley.

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