FEMA To Conduct Drills In Preparation Of Nibiru’s Imminent Arrival

Nibiru arrives over FEMA Camp somewhere in Nevada.
Nibiru arrives over FEMA Camp somewhere in Nevada.

Langley, VA — Government insiders have alerted The Fazzler that the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA will conduct series of disaster drills in preparation for the Nibiru’s imminent arrival. Speaking on strict terms of anonymity, Department of Homeland Security official Bethany Milbright says that these drills will include “practice internments” of select citizens to FEMA camps located in Nevada with the military conducting the “mock evacuations” with Federal Government oversight. According to several witnesses in Nevada, they have seen numerous rail cars outfitted for mass civilian transport moving around the state.

Nibiru, also known as Planet X, was first discovered and made public by Nancy Lieder in 1996.  Lieder claimed to have been visited by gray extraterrestrials called Zetas and these Zetas gave Lieder information about Nibiru’s whereabouts and details about the mysterious planet’s dubious plans for Earth. Lieder also claims the Zetas planted a communication device in her head so that she could talk to them when lonely.

Ms. Lieder once predicted that the Earth would be destroyed by Nibiru on May 27, 2003. When the planet was not destroyed,  she later revised the date saying “it was but a white lie to fool the establishment.” She then refused to give the real date because she claimed: “It would give world governments too much time to declare martial law and trap people in cities resulting in a higher death toll.”

According to Lieder, Nibiru is on a direct path with earth resulting in a collision or near miss. Either event would be disastrous resulting in billions of deaths, if not leading to the destruction of the planet. The small rogue planet apparently has many asteroids following in its wake, many of which will strike Earth setting off global tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. Following these events, the Earth’s poles will swap causing even more cataclysms. The date of Nibiru’s arrival is expected to be April of 2018. Or September. Or November depending on who you talk to.

The FEMA drills will utilize real citizens who will be unaware until evacuated by the military. No specific locations or dates have been given for the drills.

Cleveland Sam
Cleveland Sam
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