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Coppell, TX — An Amazon Fulfillment Center Warehouse #DFW6 burnt to the ground overnight after a large fireworks package unexpectedly exploded while being carried by an automated robot “picker.” Miraculously no one was injured, but the entire warehouse and its inventory were incinerated in the subsequent fire that followed the initial explosion. The event happened at approximately 1:37am, and the cause is still under investigation.

“I was on my break when I heard all kinds of popping noises,” said part-time floor ‘picker’ Jamie Alderidge from her Coppell, Texas home. “I thought someone was horsing around, but then the popping got louder, and we were told to get out.”

According to the fire marshal, what started with a relatively small fireworks package, quickly expanded to other fireworks stored on the shelves, which caused the explosions to expand rapidly. But there was more.

“Well, the initial explosion happened around the adult toy section of the warehouse,” said fire marshal Trent Johnson. “And a lot of that stuff is made in China and can be quite explosive. So the explosion was significant. No doubt. But the adult toys acted like an accelerant, which ultimately brought the factory down. The temperatures inside the warehouse reached 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Displaced employees are being relocated to nearby Amazon.com warehouses, and the company expressed its apologies to Prime customers who may experience delivery delays.

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